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Monday, May 14, 2012

LBCE aftermath + New Western Art

A Good and Happy Morning to you all!  We'll just jump right into it since lots happened this weekend.  Our own Mike Collins and Michael Morris spent all day Saturday behind a table located in Artists Alley at the one-day Long Beach Comic Expo.  We are still relatively new to the exhibitor stage but the two times we've been to Long Beach, we've been warmly received.  We kept saying that Long Beach was showing us the love and we love Long Beach right back!

It was pretty much non-stop at our table all day.  It was a fun one-day event and we had an absolute blast!  A quick recap of what happened include meeting some fantastic new artists, sitting next to our friend and comic book artist extraordinaire Drew Johnson, being interviewed by Liz O from LA Weekly, a couple of celebrity sightings - La Bamba of Conan O'Brien fame and Mythbusters' host Grant Imahara (please excuse Mike's goofy look...), and seeing Lucy fans again that we met last year and at WonderCon.  Plus we almost completely sold out of all the books we brought.  There were only like 5 or 6 books left!!  Such a great little show.  We look forward to being in the Convention Center again in November of this year, especially with the new art book and Lucy project.  Thanks to everyone who dropped by and supported us!  We look forward to seeing you all again real soon.

For an added bonus to this post, would you like to see some more WIP sketches from the Legends of the Old West art book we're working on?  Of coarse you would!  So, here are some continuation sketches that we've previously posted about:

John "Liver Eating" Johnson by Adam Scarpitta

Geronimo by Gillian Reid

The Dead Man's Hand by Rowel Roque

So how about those, aren't they fantastic?!  Well, that's it for right now.  Be sure to come back on Friday to see some brand new artwork.  Never-before-posted on this blog!  Enjoy your week and we'll see y'all back here real soon.  Bye!

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